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Women Footwear

Women’s love for shoes is not a hidden story at all. They are fond of wearing different varieties for different occasions regardless of their age

Men's Footwear

footwear is an asset that one can’t do without. Even while relaxing at home, frolicking in the park, strolling to nearby market or attending special occasions and parties,

Children Footwear

The best footwear for them is the one with contoured heel cup, ribbed foot bed, arch support and technology that enables extra-comfort.

Footwear Materials

If comfort and convenience is the only thing in mind then look for the conventional footwear that pampers their feet to the fullest.

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  • Which Types of Styles and Designs of Women Footwear are Sold in the Market ?

    Footwear shopping is not as easy as many ‘shoe-noobs’ would think it is. What style of shoes do I buy? What kind of outfits will they go with? How much heel is too much heel? Although we cannot answer most of those […]

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  • How to take care of Leather Shoes ?

    Proper shoe care is vital to increase the lifespan of your shoes, as well as keeping them looking spiffy all year round. Think about what your shoes have to go through on a daily basis – as you venture through […]

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  • Which are Good Running Shoes ?

    A running shoe revolution has been afoot for the past few years, but only recently has a wide variety of lighter, more minimally designed shoes hit the stores. Why the dramatic changes? Research has confirmed that lighter, more flexible, lower-to-the-ground […]

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  • How Shoes are Made ?

    The structure of a shoe can be divided into two parts: an upper and lower (or bottom part). Sections of the upper are made up of the vamp, quarter, toebox, throat, insole board, and topline. The sections of the lower […]

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  • Golden Awards — Footwear Machines

    FTM Global B2B Footwear Market Place
    Toe Tech Machines
    Trade Footwear Anytime Anywhere
    Greetings !
    India International Footwear Fair Delhi, 2017
    India Trade Promotion Organisation, in collaboration with Confederation of Indian
    Footwear Industries (CIFI), organised the 3rd edition of India International Footwear
    Fair […]

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    Shoe Selection

    Every pair of feet is unique to their owner and footwear will only provide good comfort and wear qualities if the fit is good. Users are encouraged to follow the advice below to help achieve a good standard of […]

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  • Tanner – an occupation with a future

    The various types of leather we know and love are produced by tanners. It is the work of the tanner that turns the hides and skins of domestic farm animals into the unique product of GENUINE LEATHER – which protects […]

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  • Learn Shoe Making

    Learn shoe making from a Master Shoemaker
    shoe making
    Marcell Mrsan is an accredited Master shoemaker from Hungary. He is the sixth generation of a family working in the leather craft, the namesake of his bespoke brand, Koronya. He made his […]

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  • How to Lace Shoes

    How to Lace Shoes
    Shoelaces are a useful accessory, capable of transforming a boring pair of sneakers or running shoes into something fresh and unique.Most people learn how […]

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  • Foot care & Diabetes

    Proper foot care is especially critical for diabetics because they are prone to foot problems such as:
    Loss of feeling in their feet
    Changes in the shape of their feet
    Foot ulcers or sores that do not heal
    Diabetic people are prone […]

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