Its origin is attributed to the Irish and Scottish farmers, which designed their perforated holes to obtain a better ventilation, but in the mid 19th century, the designs were refined with high quality leathers, so they becoming been used by Edward VIII, Prince of Wales, he used to wear them when he went to play golf and he ended up using them in social events.

    oxford shoes
    They became been really popular among Oxford College, so they took its famous name, the trend spread fast among young men as they served both to attend class, formal events and their holidays.

    Besides being fashionable Oxford shoes are a very elegant footwear, so they soon became an essential footwear for the working men who need to give an unblemished image.
    oxfor shoes in leather sole

    In the 80 they returned to be trend thanks to Michael Jackson, in Billie Jean he wore the popular black and white bicolor Oxford shoes

    Oxford Shoes for men
    Over time Oxford shoes have been developed to offer female designs. These shoes offer so many possibilities to modify their classic design to suit different styles, although they had traditionally thin soles they have included designs with some platform or heel, Oxford shoes have also innovated in many materials and colors.

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