• How to Lace Shoes


    How to Lace Shoes

    Shoelaces are a useful accessory, capable of transforming a boring pair of sneakers or running shoes into something fresh and unique.Most people learn how to tie their shoelaces around the age of five.the style in which we tie our shoelaces still remain the same.we view tying shoelaces as just the end of the process of getting ready.

    There are many ways to tie shoelaces. Although they are all not presentable enough to be used to tie shoes regularly but there are plenty of attractive shoelace designs available in the market. you can choose and sport something new every day. People visit a website about tying shoelaces to know the learning material.

    Whether you’re a parent, teacher, academic, occupational or just an enthusiasts there’s something for all.Parents & teachers visit, looking for early learning materials. Adults look for self-help, because having never learned correctly as a child. People whose shoelaces come undone look for a secure answer. Occupational therapists look for alternatives to suit different learning styles. Knot enthusiasts look for a reference. Sportspeople look for a competitive edge.Whatever the reason, you’ll find something useful here about tying of shoe laces.


    1. Shoe Store/Photography Lacing

    The main reason why this lacing style is used by photographers and shoe stores is because the laces end inside, which makes it easier for them to neatly stack the laces inside the shoes.This is a stylish technique if you have a shoe collection and like flaunting it.

    2. The Diagonal Lacing

    This lacing technique runs diagonally and is as easy as the basic lacing technique. One can lace up shoes with this technique pretty fast as half the lace directly goes into the last eyelet. Make sure you do not divide the sides equally else you will end up with one side of the lace shorter than the other at the other end.This lacing looks trendy with casual outfits.

    3. Hidden Cross Lacing

    This lacing technique creates a set of straight lines without crossing diagonally to any eyelet and creating a cross. It makes lacing look very neat.One can use this lacing technique on formal shoes when dressing for a ceremonial occasion.

    4. Cycling / Climbing Lacing

    This technique is called cycling / climbing lacing because the ends are tied sideways. When you tie the knot on the inside, it becomes very easy for you to hike and climb. When you tie the knot on the outside, it becomes easy for you to cycle. We can you use this technique only on shoes with even numbers of eyelet pairs. Otherwise, both the ends would come out on different sides and will not serve the purpose.

    5. The Over Under Lacing

    Dress shoes look elegent with kneatly tied laces. Not all the shoelace patterns are suitable for formal and dress shoe. But, there are plenty of simple yet classy lacing methods with the over-under lacing being one of them.

    6. Double Back Lacing.

    This one involves going up the eyelets once before passing through each one for the second time to come back where you started. So, the lacing begins at the lower end of the eyelets.


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