• Which are Good Running Shoes ?

    A running shoe revolution has been afoot for the past few years, but only recently has a wide variety of lighter, more minimally designed shoes hit the stores. Why the dramatic changes? Research has confirmed that lighter, more flexible, lower-to-the-ground shoes enable feet to move similarly to how they move when barefoot, and that allows the most natural and efficient form possible.
    We found—and tested—some of the latest technology for runners to understand their every move and know the meaning behind each step.

     Salomon XR Mission

     A less experienced runner seeking extra stability on mildly rugged terrain or smooth rolling trails.


    With an extra-wide base and a copious amount of cushioning, the XR Mission serves up a stable platform on uneven terrain by creating maximum contact with the ground. Built in the likeness of a softly cushioned road-running shoe, the ride is as soft and plush on dirt roads and smooth rolling trails as it is on pavement. It’s not as light or low to the ground as some of its contemporaries (and it has a relatively high 10 mm heel-forefoot differential), but its additional girth absorbs sharp objects underfoot and fends off sidewall abrasions with ease.

     Montrail Rogue Fly Shoe
    An experienced trail runner who is light on his or her feet and can run nimbly on trails that include rocks, roots, gravel, wet leaves, mud, and roller-coaster profiles

    Fly Shoes

    This low-profile off-road fiend is the ultimate high-speed racing flat for the trails. It has a lightweight, easy-flexing demeanor that promotes high-cadence running on smooth trails and allows a runner to nimbly dance over roots and rocks like a mountain goat. A race-ready snugness, a thin layer of foam cushioning, and a matrix of low-profile outsole lugs combine for a stable connection to the ground underfoot and the ultimate performance-oriented fit. The Rogue Fly has a relatively high 10 mm heel-forefoot height differential, but it’s a performance-enhancing design; the low-to-the-ground forefoot aids in a runner’s ability to feel the ground and run nimbly when high-speed handling and sure-footedness is crucial, while the slightly thicker heel comes in handy for controlled braking on steep descents and an extra layer of comfort for long runs.

    Scarpa Spark

    A trail runner who regularly runs on rugged trails strewn with rocks, logs, and other debris.


    scarpa spark trail running shoes

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